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Translation and preparation of CV and cover letter

Traducción y confección de CV y carta de presentación en inglés

Recruiters read hundreds of CVs and cover letters all the time and if they are not properly translated it is very difficult that they can stand out. The solutions for this are not a canned CV or a literal translation. In response to this problem, we decided to offer a personalized service by which we work jointly: a professional in the HR sector and a professional translator. In this way, we can identify the best alternative for each candidate. Moreover, we consider CV and cover letter's conventions and formats according to each the language, the country, and the culture. 


How does it work?

We have a meeting with the candidate in order to identify the job he/she is looking for, his/her experience, qualifications, strengths so that we can put this into paper.

Afterwards, we get down to work. We draft and translate the CV and cover letter into English.

Lastly, we deliver it to the candidate to apply for the job position desired.

Please, ask for advice or further information.

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