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How do we prepare an in company learning programme?

How do we prepare an in company learning programme?

Preparing an English training programme in company

This process goes from the needs analysis to the assessment of the results. Any training programme begins with the needs analysis of the company. Afterwards, it is necessary to define the objectives in such a way that they are clear, precise and measurable in the future to assess the results.

Once the needs and the objectives are established, the training programme per se is made. That is to say, the following features are defined:

Before starting the course, it is essential to take a placement test to the students and assign them to the appropiate course. 

However, to carry out the training course is not the last stage. During the course it is essential to assess the programme results in order to improve and adjust the pedagogic practice when necessary. Therefore, not only do the students are assessed but also the teachers.

At NSC idiomas we work with the idea of giving quality service and satisfying the needs of the company that chooses us. This couldn't be possible without a teamwork working jointly for this purpose. 

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